Hanged Man’s Gold

When Cassin decided to follow the vultures during her patrol, she had expected to find one of Mr. Legba’s steer laid out dead with a broke leg or some such. The stranger stripped naked hanging in the Hossifer tree was a surprise. Hands tied behind his back, stretched straight, he seemed to be a man stood at attention, hovering above the ground. Pale skinned and carrot red through the blood in his hair, Cassin didn’t recognize him at all.

Wanna Be a Wandering Child

Title: Wanna be a wandering child (but I have a paper due)  Word count: 859  Silly short story inspired by a Tumblr thread featuring my friend Essie. I think I’m hilarious. I wrote and edited this in a couple of distracted hours, toggling different tasks at work. I thought it was so very amusing that I’d put it up[…]

7 Ways to Support Authors without Spending Any Money + Infographic

Books cost money. Most of them do, unless they’re published on personal blogs, Wattpad, Archive of our Own or something like that. But definitely all of the ones published by traditional publishers. Small presses, indies, and self-publishers — yes, they too would like to receive payment for their weeks, months, years of work in crafting[…]