That’s a lie, really. Writing isn’t actually hard. I mean, I can sit and type out a story in an afternoon. A good, 30+ chapter is a bit more demanding. I have an outline, but I don’t follow that thing. Not strictly. It’s not even that important really. I do write scenes and usually end up writing ‘bridges’ to that scene. That’s always an interesting process. Sometimes, it’s hard to get the story in your head translated into words. Sometimes, it’s not though, depending on the prompt or story I’m working on. Getting this project together, my debut novel, isn’t coming as easy.

I wrote a 3k sample a few months ago as a part of an interview for a ghostwriting gig, which that entire thing was a happy accident. I’ll talk about that later. I’m not certain how much detail I can go into that though. Have to re-read the contract, but mostly, I just don’t think I’m allowed to talk about the project stories. It’s like Fight Club; you don’t talk about a Write. But anyway this one isn’t ‘active’. The gentleman gave me a prompt, and a 3k word count limit, and three days or so to write it. Did it in an afternoon with my four year old niece running around. That story flowed. I remember staring at it, re-reading it in an abbreviated sort of edit, and thinking ‘This is good.’ I sent it to my darling Critique Partner before I sent it to the Gentelman, and she agreed. It wasn’t just my own writerly conceit.

And it got me the ghostwriting gig. Sort of… It was the first time I got paid for my writing, which was an awesome and validating experience. I kept looking for the scam, for days. But it was real.

Landing that ghostwriting gig was an extremely big confidence boost. I know I’m a good story-teller, and I’ve had good reviews for other stories in the past, none of which are publishable because, you know, fanfiction. I’d already decided that I was going to write and self-publish — because I’m an impatient person, and I don’t want to query and all that. It’s fine for other people who want to go traditional, but it’s not for me at the moment.

If you’d like to read that story that got me hired as a ghostwriter, I have it up on InstaFreebie as an exclusive for a bit.

Shade of Death

‘Kida made a bargain long ago, and she received the power to save lives. Believed to be a great healer, she must save the king from the mysterious illness that threatens his life and the heirless kingdom. But her magic is not without its costs, and the price may be higher than she can pay.

Short Story Prequel’

If nothing else, go look at that cover. It’s horrible, I know. I made it myself. It’s just for play, nothing serious. The covers for my actual books will NOT be made by me, so don’t worry about that. Like, I have enough sense to get a real cover designer to do that. But I’ve never used IF as an author and really just wanted to see how it worked and play around with it, see what that button did.

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