Some authors vlog, Captain Kirk did audio logs, I’m gonna write about it — although I might do a podcast and cry about how difficult writing books are. That’d be fun and different.

So I started a challenge on September 1 with the intention to write a Trilogy in 12 weeks. The Netherworld Trilogy is a LitRPG story about two siblings who get pulled into a video game world created by crazy magi-techno uncle based on Greek mythology. There have been three (?) different drafts so far, none exceeding 11k. I don’t even have Book 1 done so unless a miracle happens or I’m left alone for the next 40 some days of the challenge, it’s not gonna happen.

But it’s not progressing very well for a number of reasons.

  1. I didn’t have a clear vision of my characters.
  2. I didn’t have a clear vision of the book narration style and format.
  3. I don’t have the ‘Game’ created yet though I know it’s based on. LitRPG is a very niche kind of book with many different ways to tell it, and I haven’t figured out how I’m doing it and Freaking out about it is not the right way.

Because I didn’t have these things set before I started writing, I found several issues cropping up as I wrote. One of my protaongists was a complacent useless sack while the other was stealing all the good bits. He had no real goal or purpose.

And I keep changing their names because nothing fits them. There are scenes in my head that I’m excited to get to, but there are things I need to fix. The 11k I’ve written so far is going to be cannibalized and dumped in the abandoned files while I try to re-work this hot mess into something worth reading.

Will has become Lexington, Olivia now Ava, and Uncle now Wade. Their personal family history is what brings them to their uncle’s country home, but what brought their uncle there? What was his experience pre-story and does that need to be included? Of course his story is what makes the kids’ possible because he’s the one who created the world and set up the circumstances in game.

I have no intention of abandoning this project but I kind of want to. My other projects keep trying to drag me away because they seem easier and more interesting, but I have a schedule I’m trying to keep. And besides that way leads to many abandoned manuscripts. I’m trying to build something with these stories of mine, and I need to stick to some kind of schedule. Have some discipline. Establish work ethic and all those good business-y adult things that make a career.

So push through. Carry on. Write and plot and revise and re-write and eventually, I’ll have a story.

But then I’ll have to edit.

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