I always get shiny new ideas when I’m trying to work on something else. That seems to be a normal problem that pops up with authors. I recently got all kinds of nostalgic about some shows I used to watch and thought I should write that story. I should write that Cowboy Bebop, A:tLA, Outlaw Star, Firefly, S:GA mashup. I’ve never really written one story at a time, always flitting back and forth to different ones. So somewhere in between Netherworld and the Weird Western and the Fairy Tales Retold collection, I need to fit the Key to the Galaxy series in there.

I’m excited for it. Even made an aesthetic board 🙂

I’m not certain what all is happening yet. But there’s space adventure, and twins; team becoming family complete with dysfunction; space samurai and cowboys; big damn heroes and villains.

I even bought a cover. And this one doesn’t have any expectations on it like Netherworld. There’s about 2k words written, none of it following the outline because why would it? It is completely nothing like I first envisioned, and if it wants to be different, fine. I never get anything but frustration trying to force characters and plots to fit when my subconscious brain has worked it out some other way. It’s gonna be a fun one.



See you, space cowboy…

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