The Strange and Howling Waste series

Current state: Drafting

Start date: February 2018

Genre: Weird Western Fantasy

Tagline: Magic is real, and it is hungry.

Concept: The Strange and Howling Waste series. Franklyn Darjeel wants become an alchemist, but society has deemed it a profession that women aren’t suited for. When she is denied schooling at the most progressive academy in the country, she seeks out a man who is said to have sway with the academy’s dean. What she finds is Adam Grissom, a magician in need of an assistant. Not to help him with only his shows, but to help translate.

There are more similarities between alchemy and magic than she’d realized. And there are more dangers in the Eastern territories than the ever-widening Waste and rumors of war.

The Waste is the way it is because magic is restricted to that space, and it ‘ate’ up all of the resources in there. There are monstrous things, intelligent things living in there, and they want more space. They want to eat.

The idea came from the Lady Remington’s Boarding House idea, and as I was plotting that one, I realized that it was the middle of the story. How did Lady Remington come to own and operate that boarding house? Where had she found Topher? And other questions. So my brain said go back to the beginning, and now we have six books to write.

The book draws heavily from Howl’s Moving Castle, any Western show you can think of, and Fullmetal Alchemist.

The book is second world fantasy based on the Old West, because. I love Westerns. Some of them. The good ones.

Possible titles:

Way Out East

Fistful of Gold

Fistful of Sand

Pocketful of Gold and Holes

Goldstone Territory

Gold Sand Falls

Grit and Gold

Midas Fall

Fool’s Gold

Black Gold



Heart of Gold

Second-Hand Gold

Mask of Gold

Gold Plated

Gold like the Sun


Gold’s Father Dirt

Do we see a theme?

The Key to the Galaxy series

Current state: Outlining

Start date: October 20, 2017 || on hold

Genre: Science Fiction, space adventure

The Netherworld Trilogy

Current state: In Progress
Estimated start date:
Genre: Young Adult LitRPG

Netherworld: Break of Night

After an internal family feud,Will and Olivia are sent to spend the summer with their Uncle Jackson in Vancleave, Mississippi. He’s a bit of a country hermit despite owning and operating a horse farm. He’s grumpy, cheap, and has a secret that the two siblings are determined to discover.

It doesn’t take them long to find what must be the biggest geek cave in the state. Deprived of internet and technology more advanced than a VCR for weeks, Will and Olivia can’t resist when they find a pair of game controllers. Of course neither of them expected to get dragged inside of the game world.

Separated and alone, Will and Olivia must journey through a world filled with creatures pulled straight from Greek mythology to find one another and the way home. But the reality of the game is invasive, twisting their minds and memories. How can they go home if they no longer remember where it is?

In Want of a Princess series

Current state: Pre-writes
Estimated start date: 2018 although I kind of have already, on and off
Genre: Second-World Fantasy (Epic?)

The 6 part series that has grown a good deal from the simple story about a thief who stole from the wrong person. This is the series of my heart. All of my girls live in this world, and I cannot wait to introduce them.

This is the series of my heart. All of my girls live in this world, and I cannot wait to introduce them.