Hanged Man’s Gold

When Cassin decided to follow the vultures during her patrol, she had expected to find one of Mr. Legba’s steer laid out dead with a broke leg or some such. The stranger stripped naked hanging in the Hossifer tree was a surprise. Hands tied behind his back, stretched straight, he seemed to be a man stood at attention, hovering above the ground. Pale skinned and carrot red through the blood in his hair, Cassin didn’t recognize him at all.

Wanna Be a Wandering Child

Title: Wanna be a wandering child (but I have a paper due)  Word count: 859  Silly short story inspired by a Tumblr thread featuring my friend Essie. I think I’m hilarious. I wrote and edited this in a couple of distracted hours, toggling different tasks at work. I thought it was so very amusing that I’d put it up[…]